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Quality & Environment

Specialists in sheet metal processing




  • Quality and environmentally sustainable development is an unavoidable precondition for gaining long-term performance and success and for ensuring high-quality human environment.


  • Quality means providing products and services that meet the determined needs and expectations of customer and legal requirements.


  • Efficient operation of corporate processes is inevitable for assuring continuous quality of products and services offered to the customer.


  • For operating the processes, company provides necessary resources and highly professional performance of its trained and motivated personnel.


  • Continual improvement of processes and efficiency ensures the environmental and economical sustainability of the company.


  • All personnel operates environmentally sustainably and protectively, including prevention of pollution, resource-sparingly and in accordance with the applicable environmental legislation to minimise the environmental impact resulting from the activities of the company.


  • Environmental impacts are considered and environmentally sustainable solutions are preferred when making investments.


  • ALISE TECHNIC follows the principles stated in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards.

Assessed to ISO 9001, Alise Technic prides itself on the level of quality control and assurance that it builds into every contract. From a customer drawing through to raw material purchase, and from CNC machining to final inspection, Alise Technic has the capability to meet demanding customer expectations.


Certified to ISO 14001, we believe that environmentally sustainable development and manufacturing is an unavoidable precondition for ensuring the long-term operation of the company and high-quality human environment.

ALISE TECHNIC OÜ has entered into a contract with Tootjavastutusorganisatsioon OÜ (or TVO, Producer Responsibility Organisation) in order to comply with the requirements of the Packaging Act. By the contract, ALISE TECHNIC has discharged all its obligations concerning collection and recovery of and reporting on packaging waste to TVO. This way ALISE TECHNIC makes its contribution to increase the selective collection and recovery, by way of recycling, of packaging by raising the environmental awareness of business and the public, and by improving the efficiency of such collection and recovery system to ensure maximum return and recovery rate of packaging waste.

Delivery performance

Customers expected delivery performance is crucial for us and no tolerance is accepted.